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Guidelines for brochure designers


You will need to work with the information you will take from the archaeologists. Your task will be to edit the information and present it in an attractive and interesting way. Remember that your aim is to attract more visitors to the new museum but also to better inform the ones who are already there. The brochure should include information about the history of the place, the most popular exhibits, the opening hours etc. You can use the example below to get an idea, and you can also visit the sites provided to view more samples.

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Vergina - Aigai
The ancient city lying on the north slopes of the Pierian mountains is securely identified as Aigai, the capital of the kingdom of Lower Maceonia. Archaeological evidence proves that the site was continuously inhabited from the Early Bronze Age while in the Early Iron Age it became an important centre, rich and densely inhabited. The city reached its highest point of prosperity in the Archaic and Classical periods, when it was the most important urban center of the area, the seat of the Macedonian kings and the place where all the traditional sanctuaries were established. Moreover, it was already famous in antiquity for the wealth of the royal tombs which were gathered in its extensive necropolis.


The gold coffin (larnax) that contained the bones of the heroozed King Phillip II, and the oak crown worn by the dead man. The Gold Larnax is made of hammered pure gold. Its lid is decorated with a 16-rayed star symbol and two rossetes, the inner of which is filled with blue enamel. On the sides relief palmettes and lotus buds frame five enameled rosettes. The feet are decorated with rosettes and end in lion-paws. The gold oak crown is the heaviest and most impressive wreath surviving from Greek antiquity. It has 313 leaves and 68 acorns and weighs 714 gr.


The silver cinerary urn with the bones of the young man, flanked by consummate ivory reliefs of his bed

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