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The New Delphi Museum WebQuest

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This project should last three weeks. During this time you will be expected to work with your partners as well as individually. You will have to find, select, evaluate information and prepare a proposal for the New Delphi Museum. The proposal will include a brochure with information for visitors and a tentative layout of the museum. 

Week 1

In the first week you will have to:

  • review the sites
  • take notes from your readings
  • collect information
  • meet with your group and share your findings

Week 2

In the second week you will have to work together to:

  • evaluate the information found
  • choose the information to be used
  • produce the first draft of the brochure
  • discuss the floorplan

Week 3

In the third week you will have to work together to:

  • proofread and edit the draft 
  • prepare your final draft
  • prepare your group presentation

By the end of the third week you should  submit your work to your instructor and present it to the rest of the class. Be sure to manage your time so as to meet the deadlines. Note that proper citation of the sources used in your brochure is a requirement. For information on how to cite Internet sources you can consult an MLA manual or follow the examples below:

Ducher,G2004).Evaluating  Iternet resources: Factors to consider. Retrieved July 1,2004, from

Electronic reference formats recommended by the American Phycological Assossiation. (2000, October 12). Retrieved October 23, 2000, from





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